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What We Do

We are focused on building the best software. We work deliberately to create products that people like. Clients come to us with an idea, a deadline or a problem. We work with them to create a solution that best fits their company and customers.

Some examples of what we've been tinkering with:

Working Together

We work with you and your team to arrive at the best solution. It is imperative that we are building a product together. Below are two main practices that we follow to keep us on track.

Agile Development: Transparent Iterative Execution

Products come to life over a series of iterations.

These iterations will help steer the project based on evolving requirements and timely business decisions. This lowers the risk of creating a mediocre product that failed to evolve from real user feedback.

Examples of typical engagements are:

  • "Product Design Sprints” - 2 people, 1 week
  • "Staff augmentation until an internal team is hired" - 2 people, 4 months
  • "Additional support to take an existing product to the next level" - 2 people, 6 months
  • "Working with your team to launch a new product" - 2 people, 8 months

Pair Programming

We’ve learned first-hand that two heads are better than one.

By having two experienced developers work together - problems get resolved faster, code becomes cleaner, and the overall solution is more thought out. Pairs are more focused and productive.

It becomes easier to transfer knowledge to your team. We can pair with your teammates to pass off the code to make sure they understand what we are developing together. Other times, we pair to train and bring new team members up to speed faster.


  • Web & Mobile Development

    Ruby on Rails, iOS + Android, JavaScript, HTML + CSS, Linux, Node.js, Java, Haskell

  • Web & Mobile Design

    Visual, user-experience and interaction design, custom illustrations, photography and video

  • Product & Company Branding

    Identity, strategy, voice, and logos

  • Training

    Onsite training, project co-development and mentoring

  • DevOps

    Management, monitoring, performance tuning, scaling, security patches and audits

The Team

We're hiring! Come join our team.

Join Us!


We host a variety of events here at Boltmade. If you’re into software development, design, or just want to check us out, come join us at one of our hosted meetups. Some are regularly scheduled while others can be last-minute. Be sure to follow us on twitter to stay in the loop regarding upcoming events.

  • KW Ruby

    KW Ruby is a group dedicated to learning about and exchanging information on Ruby and Ruby based projects. All skill and interest levels are welcome. The idea is to meet once per month and give a workshop, training session, etc.

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    August 19, 2014

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  • Dribbble × Boltmade

    Dribbble × Boltmade is an event for local designers to gather and talk shop. Meet other designers in the industry and discuss the latest trends, tools and trade secrets. What are you working on?

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  • DevHouse Waterloo

    DevHouse Waterloo is an event giving programmers and designers the opportunity to meet other creative people and learn from each other - whatever the topic may be. You can bring an idea, or a project you've been working on, and present it to the group for feedback or help.

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    August 25, 2014

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  • OpenHack Waterloo

    OpenHack Waterloo's purpose is to offer a space where people of any skill level and interest can get together to develop and design. Bring any project you want to work on. Don’t have a project? No problem. You’ll find someone to pair with at the meetup.

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