Case Study


Auvik started at the beginning of the Software Defined Networking (SDN) revolution, a concept that has far reaching implications on how we manage networks. Their Saas-style application gives you insight, keeps you informed, and helps you diagnose issues with your network. It's a better way to monitor, configure and automate your network.

How we helped

We met with the seasoned founding team as they were raising their Series-A round of funding. The focus was on developing a deeper understanding of the key scenarios and user profiles of their revolutionary network management application and providing an intial visual design for the application.

After many whiteboard sessions to clarify the central themes of the application we created a series of wireframes that enabled the key scenarios and allowed Auvik to put a paper prototype in front of prospective customers just a few weeks after starting. We followed up with a clickable prototype that allowed for some experimentation on UX and technical approach. This was central to their the customer validation process and gave the team the confidence needed to plan the product build plan.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Multiple design studio meetings to quickly understand product strategy and direction.
  • Iterate with product management on wireframes to realize the key product scenarios.
  • Built initial visual design, information architecture, and navigation model for the web application.
  • Transformed visual design into clickable prototype and supported customer development activities.
Auvik shot1Auvik shot2

The Stack

Our initial tools were whiteboards and coffee. That quickly evolved into building the wireframes and initial visual designs used for the paper-prototype.

The live, clickable version was built in rails with emphasis on the static HTML, CSS and JS components using Ember. These assets were then repurposed into the eventual application stack based on Scala, Akka and Play.

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