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Clearfit is a venture backed startup in Toronto. They are revolutionizing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses by making it fast and easy for anyone to find and hire employees that succeed.

Senior management and investors realized that the market opportunity for their company was accelerating and that to capture it they needed their product development teams to take it to the next level.

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How We Helped

We engaged for a short period of time to assess team character and develop recommendations. Realizing that the team had all the raw materials present it became clear that there were no easy fixes. Improvements would come through hard work and dedication to the challenges of building high quality products.

Developers and managers from Boltmade worked with Clearfit management and staff to execute many sprints to 'show-don't-tell' our recommendations and most importantly have the team itself identify issues and select solutions. We moved the focus away from tracking what happened during sprints to building and shipping product quickly.

Clearfit was able to accelerate their development plans and released an updated version of their application ahead of schedule.

The Results

The development team transitioned from a team fixated on tracking history to delivering product value as quickly as possible. By embracing more of the spirit of iterative development they quickly accelerated their overall team output.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Re-norming product team culture to be more aggressive and ambitous.
  • Increased overall team output by 300%.
  • Improved the quality of the communication between development team and management.
  • Helped the team to develop its own 'immune system' to respond to future issues and provide the introspection required for continuous improvement.
  • Worked with the team to balance the continuous need for code refactoring and architectural evolution with direct business features.

The Stack

Clearfit develops a large and modern Ruby on Rails codebase with several feature specific Angular applications.

We helped strike a balance between evolving the architecture and refactoring older code with supporting new features and designs.

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